Consulting Services
- Performance Data Analytics
- Predictive Modeling & Valuation
- Litigation Support Expert Services
- Due Diligence & Compliance Services
- Surveillance
- Distressed Asset & Bankruptcy SupportServices
Data and Software Products
- BGVAL Database and Analytics Portal
- CDB.Deep.Dive
- CaseKnit
- ProCapture
Structured Finance Support Services:
- Predictive modeling of collateral and bond cash flows
- Valuation of whole loans, MBS, ABS and MSRs
- Loan and bond performance database
- Securitization trustee support services
- Surveillance
Bank Analytics and Support:
- Loss forecasting and reserve analysis
- Stress testing (DFAST and CCAR)
- Transaction support services (financial analysis and due diligence)
- Specialized model building and verification
- Financial asset valuation and mark-to-market
- Securitization trustee support (clean-up call auctions, asset valuations, rep & warranty surveillance)
Litigation Support Expert Services:
- Loss causation modeling and analysis
- Forensic loan file reviews
- Rep and warranty violation claims rebuttal reviews
- Written reports, testimony, and collaborative expert support
- Platforms from managing contractors and evaluating securitization documents
Washington DC
Due Diligence Services:
- Loan file reunderwriting in support of portfolio transactions
- Loan repurchase claim rebuttal reviews
- Pre and post-closing TRID compliance audits
- Comprehensive data integrity reviews
- Electronic document bookmarking
Data Portal and Custom Analytics:
- Massive, up-to-date, loan level and bond level MBS and ABS databases
- Secure web portal for data access and analysis
- Loans mapped to pools, groups and CUSIPs
- User friendly, powerful querying tools
Distressed Asset & Bankruptcy Support Services:
- Distressed asset valuations
- Operational, financial and asset due diligence
- Asset bid and purchase support
- Stalking horse bid preparation
- Sourcing of funds for asset bids and purchases
Surveillance and Vendor Management:
- Portfolio performance tracking and analysis
- Rep and warranty monitoring
- Vendor management


Since 1998, The Berkshire Group, LP has been providing analytics, due diligence and data services to leading firms in the consumer and commercial finance industries. Our comprehensive database containing 40 years of market performance, coupled with our technology and broad market experience allows us to deliver customized solutions to our clients. Used by our industry-experienced thought leaders, we assist clients to better understand risks, forecast performance behavior, value assets, and make wiser decisions.




Our combination of industry and asset performance expertise, extensive databases, and sophisticated but transparent processes provide insights conducive to sound decisionmaking.



We deliver comprehensive and clear analytics and concise results.



We provide relevant performance data, and partner with you to create and implement effective, actionable gameplans.